Salesforce Support Agreements

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that provides businesses with an effective tool to manage their sales, marketing, and customer service operations. To ensure that the users of Salesforce software receive the best possible services and support, Salesforce offers a range of Support Agreements.

What is a Salesforce Support Agreement?

A Salesforce Support Agreement is a contract that outlines the levels of support and service that a customer receives from Salesforce. The agreement defines the responsibilities of the customer and Salesforce, the scope of support, and the service level agreements (SLAs) for issue resolution.

Salesforce offers five levels of support agreements, each designed to meet different business needs and budgets. They are:

1. Basic Support

2. Standard Support

3. Premier Success Plan

4. Premier+ Success Plan

5. Mission Critical Success Plan

Basic Support:

The Basic Support Agreement is the entry-level agreement that provides customers with access to Salesforce’s online help center, community forums, and knowledge base. Basic Support also includes the ability to log cases with Salesforce’s support team, but issue resolution is not guaranteed.

Standard Support:

The Standard Support Agreement builds on the Basic Support Agreement and includes 24/7 support via phone and email. Standard Support also includes access to Salesforce’s Premier+ Success Plan Quarterly Business Reviews, which helps customers maximize their Salesforce investment.

Premier Success Plan:

The Premier Success Plan is designed for customers who require a higher level of support. This plan provides personalized technical support, customized training, and additional tools to help customers optimize their Salesforce solution.

Premier+ Success Plan:

The Premier+ Success Plan is the most comprehensive support agreement offered by Salesforce. This plan includes all the benefits of the Premier Success Plan, plus an assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM) who provides guidance and best practices for using Salesforce.

Mission Critical Success Plan:

The Mission Critical Success Plan is for businesses that require the highest level of support and uptime for their Salesforce solution. This plan includes personalized 24/7 technical support, an assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM), priority case handling, and a dedicated response team.

In conclusion, choosing the right Salesforce Support Agreement is critical to a business`s success. It ensures that you receive the right support for your business needs and helps you maximize the value of your Salesforce investment. By understanding the different support agreements offered by Salesforce, businesses can make informed decisions that are in line with their budgets and requirements.