How Many Years Anthem Has Agreement with Wipro

As a professional, I understand the importance of including relevant keywords in an article title and throughout the article to ensure that it is easily discoverable by search engines. In this article, we will discuss the length of the agreement between Anthem and Wipro, two companies that have partnered together to provide healthcare solutions.

Anthem, one of the largest healthcare insurance providers in the United States, has had a longstanding partnership with Wipro, a leading global IT consulting and business process services company. This partnership has allowed Anthem to leverage Wipro`s expertise in technology and innovation to improve their healthcare services.

The agreement between Anthem and Wipro was first announced in 2013, with a focus on enhancing Anthem`s information technology capabilities. Since then, the partnership has grown to include a wider range of services, including digital transformation, data analytics, and cloud computing.

So, how long is the agreement between Anthem and Wipro? While the exact length of the agreement has not been publicly disclosed, it is understood to be a long-term partnership. This means that both companies are committed to working together for the foreseeable future, with the goal of improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare for Anthem`s customers.

In addition to their partnership with Anthem, Wipro has also established similar partnerships with other major healthcare providers, including UnitedHealth Group and Humana. These partnerships demonstrate Wipro`s dedication to the healthcare industry and its commitment to finding new and innovative ways to improve patient outcomes.

In conclusion, Anthem and Wipro have been partners since 2013, with a long-term agreement in place to continue working together to improve healthcare services. This partnership is a testament to the importance of collaboration and innovation in the healthcare industry and highlights the role that technology can play in improving patient outcomes.