Contract Ordering Vehicles

Contract Ordering Vehicles: A Comprehensive Guide for Government Agencies

Government agencies and organizations rely on various suppliers and vendors to fulfill their requirements. To streamline the procurement process, the General Services Administration (GSA) has established contract ordering vehicles (COVs). COVs are pre-negotiated contracts that have been awarded to qualified vendors for specific goods and services. These contracts provide government agencies with a simplified procurement process, lower costs, and greater efficiency.

Types of COVs

There are several types of COVs available to government agencies. The most common types include:

1. Multiple award schedules (MAS): These contracts are awarded to multiple vendors for specific products and services.

2. Government-wide acquisition contracts (GWAC): These contracts provide a broad range of IT products, services, and solutions.

3. Blanket purchase agreements (BPA): These agreements are established for recurring needs and simplify the ordering process.

4. Indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ): These contracts provide flexible delivery options for specific goods and services.

Benefits of COVs

Using COVs can provide several benefits for government agencies, including:

1. Streamlined procurement process: COVs eliminate the need for a lengthy procurement process. Agencies can quickly and easily place orders for goods and services, saving time and resources.

2. Lower costs: COVs are pre-negotiated contracts with qualified vendors, ensuring that agencies receive competitive pricing.

3. Greater efficiency: COVs provide agencies with access to a broad range of products and services, simplifying the ordering process while providing more options.

Steps to Using COVs

To use COVs effectively, agencies should follow these steps:

1. Determine your agency`s needs: Identify the specific goods and services that your agency requires and determine which COV best fits your needs.

2. Conduct market research: Review the list of available vendors and determine which contractors meet your agency`s requirements.

3. Obtain quotes: Request quotes from the selected vendors to determine which company can provide the required goods and services at the most competitive price.

4. Place an order: Place an order with the selected vendor using the COV contract number.


COVs provide government agencies with a simplified procurement process and lower costs for goods and services. By leveraging pre-negotiated contracts and qualified vendors, agencies can streamline their procurement process while ensuring competitive pricing. As a result, COVs are an essential tool for government agencies looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs.